Since common GPS isn’t accurate enough indoors, Aixplorer utilizes a mix of different tracking technologies. These are weaved together seamlessly so that you will not notice them changing.

To track which room you are in, Aixplorer initially used WiFi tracking in the City Hall. Since 2015, it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon-based tracking in both City Hall and the Centre Charlemagne. The Aixplorer device monitors the signal strength of the various beacons in the building. The results are used to trilaterate the current location.

High-precision tracking with Ubisense sensors is used for CORONA to gather exact information about the position in the coronation hall. This works like an “internal GPS” where the distances to fixed points in the room and the data from a compass in the headphones are used to calculate the location as well as the orientation. Based on this information the audio scenery is generated. Each conversation is available in three variants to simulate near and far away conversations as well as conversations behind your back.